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Wood Baseball Bats

Why You Should Swing a Wood Baseball Bat

Wood baseball bats have been around since the beginning of the game, and today they are becoming more and more popular. Evan as bat technology is improving and composite bats are gaining popularity, wood bats are still very important to your development as a player.

Wood bats are used by professional players, but they can also be used to make you a better player. You may be able to use a composite or metal alloy bat in games, but wood bats are great for use in the batting cage and in the gym in the off-season. Wood bats are generally a bit heavier and help build wrist and arm strength and swing speed. The faster bat speed you have, the more power. This translates directly to you batting average and homerun totals. If you use an ash or maple bat in the batting cage during the off-season, you will see your bat speed increase and your game improve.

Wood bats are also not as forgiving as composite or alloy bats. The sweet spot is smaller, and if you mis-hit a ball, you will immediately know it. Because of this, you are forced to concentrate on every swing and learn to hit the ball in the sweet spot. Through this repetition in the cage, you will build muscle memory, and when it comes time to hit live pitching in the spring, you'll be ready to crush the competition.

Wood baseball bats also add life to your expensive game bats. If you hit wood instead of your composite or alloy bat in the cage, it will save wear and tear, and your bat will retain its "pop" longer. This is important when new game bats can cost as much as $300-$400.

Wood baseball bats are made by all of the major manufacturers including Easton, Rawlings, DeMarini, and Louisville Slugger. Many specialty wood bat makers have also started producing bats, such as Phoenix Bats and MaxBats. All of these manufacturers make great quality bats that are guaranteed to not break for at least 30 days. Wood bats are made from ash, maple, bamboo, and now there are even composite wood models that are stronger and more durable. Maple bats are harder and for stronger players with more swing speed, these bats provide great power. Ash bats have more give and can help smaller players add whip to their swings. Bamboo is becoming more popular, and composite wood is great for the cage because it is guaranteed for up to 90 days, and simulates the performance and feel of wood. Check out some of the more popular models and find a bat that suits you.