Tips and Advice for Batting Efficiently

Batting is a skill used for several games. Hence it is very vital to master the skills if you are participating in such games. Batting skills is also dependent on the bat’s quality. However, you have to master the skills properly to discern the best quality bat.

Examples of some sports that require the use of a bat are baseball, softball, and crickets. Bat’s are made from various materials like aluminium, wood and a combination of materials known as a composite material. Nevertheless, the same skills apply to their usage.

Bat’s games are played on a field by two opposing teams. The defending team act first by throwing the ball at an attacking team member who tries to hit the ball with its bat while also trying to prevent the ball from been taken by the opposition team. The aim is to score points, which can be achieved when the player can maintain a safe area position.

One simple trick that would help you become a pro is to adopt a particular bat. You can successfully adopt the best bat by trying out a few types of bat in other to identify what works best for you.

Tips and advice for batting?

Improving your batting skills never goes out of style. When it comes to batting, there is no point in perfection, as improvement can be achieved each time you deliberately seek to improve your swing. That said, there are vital areas you need to focus on in other to improve your batting skills. Irrespective of the level you are in the game, you should always aim for the next level because continuous growth is the key to staying relevant in batting games.

Avoid the temptation of trying to copy the style of other legends, although you can learn a few tips from them but never memorize their style. Bring in your unique personality into your game; that is the only way you can play effortlessly. Also, master the art of constant practise as this would help you know what to give attention to.

Below are basics tips and advice for batting that would help you improve your batting skills

Purchase an appropriate bat

You cant reach the zenith of your batting potential if you don’t make use of the right equipment. Like an under-equipped soldier, you lose your battle even before it begins if you aren’t properly equipped. A perfect bat is pivotal; it should have the appropriate weight and length. In other words, the size of the bat should suit your body size.

Talking about the perfect size of a bat, There are ways to determine if a bat is your size. The manual method is to hold the bat close to the centre of your chest and point the bat out in the direction of your arm. Try reaching for the bat endpoint with your second hand. If your hand touches the top of the bat, then it’s your size in terms of length. To check if a bat’s weight is right for you, try holding the bat in a parallel position suspended in the air for at least 45 seconds. If you can achieve this without stress, then the bat’s weight is suitable for you. To get more information on the best bats, read.

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The first way to spot a pro is how they stand when using their bat. The force of contact you would make with your bat is highly dependent on the alignment of your stance. A proper position is to spread your legs a bit wider than your shoulder width. When moving, you can move forward and avoid closing and opening your legs. Also, step on your heels and not your toes because stepping on your heels will help increase the rotational speed of your body ns consequently giving you a better hit.


For a novice, batting involves the use of the Arms only, but that’s not true. Batting requires you to incorporate the force of your lower body for better performance. The shoulders, legs are significant body parts to batting skills. Learn how to coordinate these two because they are responsible for your batting speed.

Another reason to use your legs is to reduce the strain you place on your hands. If you let your hands do all the job, you might get tired quickly. It also helps channel momentum to your hips which helps you swing your hips easily.


Every batting mechanics involves stepping, spinning and swinging. With these on your mind, you would know the correct technique to apply at a time.


Your step is what give you momentum, it is your strides, and the best action is stepping towards the pitcher. Also, when you what to land, always land on your heel and not your toes.


Spinning is rotating your hips to build up momentum. It is done immediately after stepping. It would be best if you channelled this momentum to your lower body in other to utilize your swing fully.


A perfect swing is done circularly. Also, tilt yourself a bit upward in other to hit the ball with the bat’s sweet spot. To know more about your swings frequency, read.

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Build your confidence

If you are new to batting, it will help if you swing more often because you build your confidence in practice. Always approach the plate with confidence and not with fear. Strike when you feel you should. Irrespective of the number of miss-hit you get, never stop.

Now that you have learned on areas to build on. The next secret is to keeping working. Also, get some training and practice aids. For example, own a personal bat and a personal hitting Nets. Another handy tool is a swing analyzer. It helps you track your progress. To know more about training aids, read.

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Improving your batting skills is very important, especially if you want to go professional. The first step is getting a suitable bat that suits you both in length and weight, after which you follow the tips given above. Besides following the advice, constant practice and purchasing of training aids would give you a smooth ride in your practice journey.