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Phoenix Bats - Premium wood bats for hitters who want to rake

Phoenix Baseball Bats

"Every player, at every level…not just pro players…deserves a quality wood bat. To offer otherwise is cheating the customer out of a great wood bat experience."

-Charley Trudeau, Founder of Phoenix Bats

In the world of wood bats, there’s two key points of differentiation amongst bat manufacturers: 

  1. What is the quality of wood you are willing to give someone who is not a pro player
  2. How consistently can you make that same bat the next time need arises?

It is these points of differentiation that defines Phoenix Bats.

Designed for professional hitters by Phoenix’s in-house expert, Phoenix Bats start from pro quality wood; each piece hand graded for durability and weighed to insure proper length-to-weight ratios are achieved. These standards are carried through from pros like Miguel Cabrera to little Timmy swinging his first wood bat. Bats that don’t meet Phoenix’s high standards are not going out the door...period.

Rock Maple, Northern White Ash or the new all-wood composite – every wood bat Phoenix makes is crafted on the most advanced, most consistent bat making machine anywhere…bar-none. Phoenix’s Locatelli lathe automatically crafts and then sands the bat to amazing precision every single time. It’s a far ways away from Charley’s start 15+ years ago hand-turning vintage baseball bats...bats that hadn’t existed for over 100 years.

Phoenix Bats – premium wood bats for hitters who want to rake

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