Louisville Pitching Machine Review


There are nine different positions in baseball. They are pitcher, catcher, right fielder, left fielder, center fielder, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstop. These positions require specific skills to increase performance. There are also nine batters in a baseball team’s lineup. Batters stand a few inches from an opposing pitcher in a baseball game and hit the ball when the pitcher throws it. Hitting skills are necessary to hit balls accurately. Drills and exercises can improve proficiency in hitting skills.

There are different training aids and equipment that can help with exercises. A pitching machine is equipment that helps with hitting and catching exercises.

Pitching Machine

A pitching machine is a machine that pitches balls to a player at different styles and speeds. A pitching machine can either be hand-fed or receive feed automatically.

There are different types of pitching machines: softball, baseball, and combo pitching machines. Softball pitching machines pitch only softballs; baseball pitching machines throw only baseballs. In contrast, combo pitching machines pitch both softballs and baseballs. There are also two categories of pitching machines: arm action machines and circular wheel machines. You can set up the pitching machine in the netted area.

Arm action machine

The arm action machine simulates the actions of a pitcher and throws balls the way a pitcher does. The device delivers balls in an overhand motion. The arm action machine has a steel arm that rotates to hurl the ball. Arm action machines can only throw fastballs.

Circular wheel machine

A circular wheel machine can have one, two, or three wheels. The wheels spin like a bike tire, and the wheels align vertically or horizontally. The circular wheel machine pitches balls to the batter once the wheel receives a ball feed. Circular arm machines are more portable and can throw a variety of balls.

  • One-wheel machine

One-wheel machines are lighter and more portable than arm action machines, but they only throw fastballs. This type of device is suitable for young players.

  • Two-wheel machine

Two-wheel machines throw balls at faster speeds and accuracy than One-wheel machines. The wheels in the two-wheel machine spin independently of each other at different speeds. This variable speed creates a spin on the ball. Two-wheel machines throw both fastballs and breaking balls.

  • Three-wheel machine

Three-wheel machines are more expensive and larger than other pitching machines. Still, they can throw various balls that include fastballs, breaking balls, split fingers, knuckleballs, etc. They are also very accurate and throw consistent balls.

There are different pitching machines from various manufacturers, and they include;

  1. Jugs BP1 Combo pitching machine
  2. BSN Sports Bulldog Single Wheel pitching machine
  3. Heater Sports Deuce 95 pitching machine
  4. Franklin MLB Style Kids pitching machine
  5. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame

Louisville Pitching Machine

The two types of Louisville Pitching Machines are the Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame and the Louisville Slugger UPM 50 Black Flame. The black flame machine is an upgrade to the blue flame machine, and they both have similar features.

  • Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame

The blue flame machine is a portable and lightweight machine that weighs about 25 pounds and throws different balls between 18 and 45 mph. The machine has adjustable speeds and pitch locations. It can throw fastballs, ground balls, breaking balls, etc. . The blue flame pitching machine is acceptable in the Little League Baseball category. It is compatible with any ball. Steel and aluminum are the materials for the construction of this machine to ensure durability.

  • Louisville Slugger UPM 50 Black Flame

The black flame machine is similar to the blue flame machine, but it has some different features. Unlike the blue flame machine, the black flame pitching machine can pitch balls up to 60 mph, weighs about 24 pounds, and is acceptable in the Babe Ruth league. The black flame machine is more versatile than the blue flame because it has more speed options and variable adjustments. It is also more expensive than the blue flame machine.

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Practice improves player skills. Players can practice with the machines on their own and improve their skills. The Louisville slugger blue flame and black flame help players practice with different kinds of pitches at various angles. The Louisville pitching machine’s cost is cheaper than other pitching machines, and they come with a 60-day warranty.