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Breaking In An Easton Baseball Glove

Like most gloves, Easton baseball gloves needs some time to break-in to get the perfect feel. Breaking them through game play or many rounds of toss are the best way to go but artificially breaking them in can help if you need the glove in a hurry.

First, you should purchase some Easton baseball glove oil. Add a light coat to the glove making sure not to put too much on. You can also use other manufacturer glove oils if Easton isn't available. The oil needs to be evenly coated to help soften the leather and prevent cracking.

There are a few ways to break in the pocket of your Easton glove. You can purchase a glove mallet which you can use to loosen the pocket and help conform to your hand. Putting a ball in the pocket and securing it with string is another great option.

If you choose to use a ball secured in the pocket, leave the ball in place for no more than a few days.

Playing catch after you've gone through the artifical break-in steps is a good final step to help the pocket conform to your hand and make for a better performing Easton baseball glove.

These steps can also be used on Easton softball gloves whether it be fastpitch or slow pitch.