What Is Mike Trouts Bat and What Turf Shoes Does He Wear?

Introduction Mike Trout, a professional American baseball player nicknamed “the Millville Meteor,” plays the center field position for the Los Angeles Angels team of Major League Baseball. He is the highest-paid baseball player globally, and as the current most successful baseball player, that gets him a lot of attention. Especially from upcoming athletes want to … Read more

Wilson A1010 Baseballs Review

Introduction Baseball is an outdoor game with nine players each in two opposing teams. It is a bat and ball game, and the two teams take turns batting and fielding. Some equipment is necessary to play baseball. This equipment includes a helmet, cleat, bat, gloves, ball, etc. Baseballs are balls that have a rubber or … Read more

Why should you use Fungo Bats?

Introduction In baseball, you must do a lot of practice as it is technical and requires a lot of time to learn, so you continuously practice what makes solid baseball players. But the main consideration is, what are fungo bats, and why should you use them. Well, you might have heard of fungo bats but … Read more

What is the history of Baseball Bats?

Introduction Before we go into a baseball bat history, I will like to understand game baseball’s meaning. Baseball is a game played by two teams with nine players, each holding a bat, a ball, and a glove with four white lids out on the field. Each team takes turns in positions as batters for offense … Read more

What is the balk rule in baseball?

Introduction Baseball is a game that has been around for a very long time. Its close relative softball has also been around for almost the same time as baseball, although the softball game originated from the game of baseball. The baseball game has a wide following today; the enthusiast of the game are from around … Read more

What is a bat compression tester and are they helpful?

Introduction Baseball and softball are a sport that has been around for some time, with each of them having grown over time, creating a standard that governs the game has helped build the standards of the game. The standard that has been discussed here has to do with the materials and equipment used in playing … Read more

What does BBCOR mean?

Introduction Baseball has grown over the years with technology’s help, creating a new standard used in the game. For some years now, BBCOR certified bat has been the most popularly used bat in high school and college. While there has been a great deal of hype surrounding the bat, there are still many questions surrounding … Read more

What do baseball catchers wear? What is the best brand?

Introduction The baseball game has been around for a long time; It is one of the most popular sports in the world. The baseball game has a wide following and enthusiast today, Although like every sport in the world, baseball started from humble beginnings whereby players are allowed freehand on many things, However as the … Read more

What are the top baseball drills for men and youth

Introduction The baseball game has been around for centuries; the baseball players are called baseball players. When talking about baseball, one can’t talk about this sport in its whole glory without making references to the beginning days of the game. When the baseball game started, there were few rules made, which allows players the liberty … Read more

What are the best baseball bat manufacturers?

Introduction It is no secret how important bats, whether wood or metal, are to baseball players. Most baseball players have preferences in the style of play and the type of bat they use. You might wonder what the difference between baseball bats is, but in truth, some baseball bats can take your game to a … Read more

What are some top Baseball exercises?

Baseball is one of the most challenging sports in the world; the sport requires power, mobility, explosive performance, exercises, and speed. The sport demands are tedious, and they need intense training, going to gyms and injuries too! Don’t fret; you will have to undergo challenges before you become a champion. And yes, it is possible … Read more

What are Some Common Baseball Injuries?

Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) Injury The ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injury is a common injury to baseball pitchers. This is because the Ulnar collateral ligament acts as a stabilizer for the elbow, thereby stopping the joint from bending sideways, making the area stressed after repetitive throwings. An ulnar collateral ligament injury can cause tenderness and … Read more

Top Baseball Throwing Drill

High Five Drill For Proper throwing mechanism The high five drills are an excellent training mechanism drill that helps players, especially those having to throw trouble in baseball enables players to generate good muscle memory and teaches them to throw through the ball, preventing them from injuring themselves. To practice the high five drill mechanism, … Read more

Top Baseball Glove Brands-Most Popular to Least popular

Introduction When purchasing a baseball glove, the thing most buyers look into is the brands. If the brand is a very popular one, they assume it makes quality baseball gloves. It may be true most times, but you should do some research yourself before purchasing a high-end baseball glove. It will make sure you get … Read more

Rawlings Workhorse Batting Gloves Review

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Rawlings VELO Review

Introduction Baseball is an outdoor game that requires batters from a team to hit a ball from an opposing pitcher to score points. A baseball bat is one of the pieces of equipment used by baseball players. The type of bat used for playing determines ball speed and distance. Bats differ in material, style, size, … Read more