How to hold a baseball bat

Introduction There is nothing more fulfilling for a baseball player than knowing how to hold a baseball bat than hit a baseball well. On the other side of things, nothing is more disappointing than being in a batting slump. When not hitting a baseball ball well, people tend to try things like using different bat … Read more

How to Clean Batting Gloves

What is a Batting Glove Batting gloves are a component of baseball sport. Commonly made up of leather palm and a back made of synthetic fiber. Batting gloves protect one or both hands of a player, providing warmth, comfort, preventing blisters and shock absorption when hitting a ball. The gloves are considered an essential part … Read more

How to Choose a Baseball Bat

Introduction Choosing the right baseball is very important for a player. As a baseball player, your baseball bat meant a lot to your team’s success, and such is why you need to buy a high-quality baseball bat. Baseball bats come in different sizes, shapes, and forms, and different brands are manufacturing them; this is why … Read more

How to break in a baseball glove

Introduction Anyone who plays baseball knows how important it is to break in a baseball glove and contribute to the game. Players in the game spend about half the time on the field trying to catch a baseball. Not knowing how to field a baseball well can have a serious deficiency in the way you … Read more

How heavy is a baseball?

Introductions If you are someone who likes baseball or plays or maybe managing the game now in other to help your preteen or teenage sons, you might know the rules, techniques, and great players in baseball history but might not have given much thought to the weight of a baseball. There is no actual standardized … Read more

Easton xl3 drop5 Review

Introduction Baseball bats are an essential part of baseball gear. Baseball gear is for protection, and it consists of equipment for a baseball game. Baseball gear includes helmets, bats, cleats, balls, etc. There are different types of bats for baseball, and their classification is material for production, weight distribution, and style. Materials for producing bats … Read more

DeMarini vexxum Review

Introduction The Demarini is a brand that produces quality baseball equipment; this brand researches baseball equipment and how to create quality equipment to be used by players or enthusiasts in the game. A bat is one of the equipment used in baseball; the bat’s function is to hit the ball when pitched to earn points. … Read more

Demarini cf6 review

Introduction A bat in baseball is the equipment used in hitting the ball; a baseball bat is quite essential to the game; without the bat, players cannot play the game. Baseball is played with kits and equipment; this equipment takes up an important role in baseball; some of the kits are used actively in playing … Read more

DeMarini CF Zen Review

Introduction Bats are essential in a baseball game. Hitters use a bat to hit a ball in the air to score home runs. Apart from the hitter’s skill, the type of bat used determines the speed and distance of the ball. Different brands manufacture bats and they include DeMarini, Chandler, Easton, Marucci, etc. Baseball bats … Read more