About Us

I have always loved baseball since I was a small child, and even though I never became a professional player as that was my dream, I still enjoy playing the game, and I became a writer that writes about baseball and other sports. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, I feared that I would not be able to play my beloved ballgames during that summer. However, as the summer progressed and I took chances by playing some games, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that baseball is a COVID-19 safe game as you can have fun with it because it is outdoors and you can socially distance yourself from others. 

Therefore, it was also during the pandemic era that motivated me to establish Baseball Rampage. Baseball Rampage is a baseball resource for novice and experienced ballplayers. There are sections on the site that help novices familiarize themselves with baseball and a helpful tips section for beginners and experienced players. There is a section for youths that provide information on the right type of equipment, apparel, shoes, and baseball tips. 

There are also reviews on clothing, shoes, bats, mitts, gloves, protective gear, and training equipment to make the game safe and enjoyable. Other contributors to Baseball Rampage include a sports and baseball equipment salesperson and a baseball instructor. Click on each of the bios to learn more about them. 

Rob Hansen

Rob Hansen was born in Manhatten, New York. His parents introduced softball to him when he was young as he went to some baseball camps. He developed a passion for the game during his childhood. Rob was always part of his high school’s baseball team and managed to score some home runs and to help the team win. He wanted to be a sports instructor. After attending New York University and going for his New York Physical Education Teacher Certification, Rob started teaching physical education at a local high school. Not long after that, he began going for training to become a baseball instructor. Rob is both a phys ed teacher and a baseball instructor and is happy with his occupation. He is also a worthwhile contributor to Baseball Rampage. 

Rob is married with a daughter and a Doberman, and aside from his love for baseball, Rob enjoys camping and going to rock concerts. 

Grant Monahan

Grant Monahan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and his father sold hockey equipment. Between Grant’s interest in sports and business, he had a dream of potentially owning a store that sold sporting equipment. Grant was not the athletic type to excel at sports, but he did pretty well with baseball. He wanted to stick to the sports that he did well with, which was baseball. Grant used to enjoy going to Red Sox games every so often with his friends. He traveled to different cities in the USA and to Toronto in Canada to go to various ballgames. 

Grant still liked the idea of selling sporting equipment but wasn’t too sure if he had it in him to own a business after learning about the complexities of it. He went to Boston University and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Sales. Grant is a salesman at a local sports and baseball equipment shop. He knows what baseball apparatus, clothing, shoes, and other equipment are high-quality and recommends them on Baseball Rampage. Grant is married with two children and two dogs, and aside from taking his family to ballgames, he likes to travel and play the guitar. 

Jason McMahon

Jason McMahon was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and he has been a sports fan since he was a small boy. He also played in Little League and attended many ballgames. His love for baseball is why he became a writer in the sports niche that often included baseball. He wanted to become a professional player, but he wasn’t physically cut out for it, so writing about the sport was the next best thing. Jason attended Seattle University and obtained his Bachelor’s in Journalism. 

Therefore, Jason has written for many publications in the sports niche and private clients in that niche. He plays baseball every spring and summer and was devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the spring of 2020. However, studies conducted that because baseball is a low-contact sport and one enjoyed outdoors, it is a pandemic-safe game. That is why Jason experienced relief during that summer and played the games. The pandemic lockdowns motivated him to create Baseball Rampage, a resource for baseball fans around the world that has everything to do with the game. Besides, he wanted to make that fact known so people could enjoy playing baseball during times of uncertainty. Jason is the founder, chief editor, and main contributor of Baseball Rampage. Aside from that, Jason enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading up on historical facts.